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Welcome To INIZI Wines!

INIZI means beginnings in Italian. The name INIZI came from our belief that a bottle of wine begins in the vineyard. We believe that wine should reflect not only the variety of the grape, but also the place it was grown, and the farming applied to the vineyard. As friends, husbands, wives and partners we are each passionate about different aspects of the wine business and have come together to bring you wines that showcase the vineyards and varieties in their purist form.

Using as little new oak as possible, we rely on older barrels to age our wines. It is our pleasure to share high quality wines, from vineyard to bottle, to be enjoyed by friends and family for years to come.

We hope you enjoy!

Latest Announcement:

The Napa Wine Project

Check out what they said!  Our Friends over at The Napa Wine Project are doing some really cool things. They plan on tasting every winery in Napa Valley to build a comprehensive guild for consumers. Very ambitions! We wish them luck and are proud to be apart of it.

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